Kneeling chair and cushion

Donalyn -

Posted 2012-09-09

I bent and cracked my coccyx a few years ago when ice skating. I've been using 3 different cushions and trying to find some kind of seating to use. I recently found the Putnam's Coccyx Chair in England. After many emails, I purchased the kneeling chair with the cutout on the seat and had it shipped to the USA. It is the GREATEST purchase I've ever made and worth every penny. I got it from They had the best price. It's wonderful! I also find that of all the cushions, the Kabooti comfort ring from is the best.

I'm still taking occasional cortisone shots which seem to help. This has got to be the worst kind of injury- not ever being able to sit properly for the rest of my life.

Donalyn Gross


kneeling chair with coccyx cut-out kabooti cushion

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