Surgery a week ago, no relief yet

Lisa -

Posted 2012-07-01

Hello to all of you. My 19 year old son broke his tailbone about two years ago. He snapped it right off. After frustrating searches, and ineffective treatments, we finally decided to go ahead with the operation to remove his tailbone.

Surgery seemed to go well. He was sent home later that day with no complications. It is now seven days after his surgery and he is still in excruciating pain. He had problems with some of the pain meds (hydrocodone) and the surgeon told him to take 4 ibuprofen instead. That did nothing but frustrate him, because the ibuprofen does nothing for him.

It seems like he should have some reduction in pain, but he hasn't yet. He is getting really frustrated and a little panicked. He went through the operation in the hopes that he could function normally again. Now he is losing hope that this operation did anything but severely increase his pain to unmanageable levels.

Can anyone give me some suggestions? I don't really know how to help him through this. And I don't know when he should be able to feel some reduction in pain. I would appreciate any guidance.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Lisa M. from Texas

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