Hooked tailbone

Melissa - murineanu@hotmail.com

Posted 2012-01-08

I have a hooked tailbone, but did not know it until I gave birth to my son 16 months ago. He is my first (and so far only) child, so I really didn't know much about the birthing process other than what was told during our birthing education classes. I swore off reading about delivery online, as I was afraid I would have myself freaked out from horror stories posted. Now, I wish I had done more research on my own.

I was not going to have an epidural, but my water broke and my contractions stopped. They induced me and when my contractions started again I was having horrible back labor. Looking back, it makes sense since my tailbone hooks up into my pelvic canal. Once I had the epidural, I could not feel my legs at all. I never saw a doctor until he was ready to come out. She basically walked in and caught him, stitched me, and left. The nurses had me flat on my back with my husband holding up my right leg, and another nurse holding up my left leg. I was in this position for an hour and a half while I pushed. They would not let me put my legs down or "the baby would go back up." I knew I was having a contraction because I would have horrible pain in my rectum. Then the last 30 minutes of pushing, I got horrible muscle cramps in my right glutes, which made me scream in agony despite everything else being numb.

My son came out with a huge head, greater than 90th percentile and his hand was against his face when I delivered. He had a huge bruise on his head from being in the birth canal (so they said but I wonder if it wasn't my tailbone pushing on his head too). Two days later, the pain started. I awoke to my legs shaking involuntarily and I had humming in my feet. It felt just like a cell phone on vibrate. I could not lay in any position except on my stomach for a few minutes at a time or on either side. I had so much pain and the strangest sensation in my sacrum.

The pain progressed to burning through my glutes, hips, rectum and the posterior portion of my vagina. I went to four doctors in all, ranging from my ob's nurse practioner, two neurologists, and a spine pain management specialist. They collectively referred me to Mayo in Rochester, MN. I was suicidal from the pain, lack of sleep, and no answers or hope. Until I found your site. I found Ortho Indy in Indianapolis and went to see Dr. Coscia. He gave me the diagnosis of having a dislocated tailbone and referred me for steroid injections in the first and second joints of the coccyx. He said it would be diagnostic, in that if I felt relief from pain, even for a day or so, then my tailbone was the problem. Two days after the injection I was completely pain free for a week! I cried I was so thankful for an answer! It still bothers me and the muscles superior to my sacrum and along the inferior lateral edges still swell up and cause pain. Most days it feels like I am sitting on a painful golfball on my right side.

I know that you have read and posted many, many coccyx injury stories. I have not been able to lay flat on my back for about a year now without having severe pain in my sacrum. Is this common for coccyx injuries, or should I be looking more at a sacral injury? I'm so sorry I was in the lithotomy position for my birthing process now. I have read that it is the worst position for birth. I wish I had a more informed medical staff attending me, but hindsight is 20/20.

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