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Posted 2012-05-27

I think, it is now time for me to share My story….. My name is Ripal and I am 29 years old, living in Sydney, Australia.

In July - Aug 2010 I injured myself, it was due to long time sitting on chair and working longer hours. Initially I waited for 2 – 3 weeks for pain to go away and did consult physio afterwards, that did not help. Progressive pain on & around Coccyx, reach point last Dec where cannot sit more than 10 minutes. Initial symptoms where, pain from sitting to standing, then pain while sitting. No trauma as such, long hours working, running and some minor exercise when initial pain started.

Sept 2010

CT done, negative and no issue reported. Local GP did not able to identify and asked me to visit specialist.

Oct/Nov 2010

After too many doctors consulted and nobody seems to identify what was going on in Australia, I did India Visit, Coccydynia has been identified with one of the specialist there. It is funny how Indian doctors are available within couple of days while in Australia specialist always would be 2 month away for initial appointment. Anti inflammatory (Ciprobid 250 mg), pain killer have been prescribed. Seems helping initially, Took that for 2 weeks

Some yoga has been recommended, Started using Cut caution for sitting. X-ray done, no fracture reported or any abnormality.

Dec 2010

Return to Sydney, Not much difference on symptoms so far. New year celebration with lot of pain!

Jan 2011 – April 2011

Went to Physio, Physio was one of the best in Australia, she (Dr Hungerford) was really good and there were days that felt good and recovering.

Core strengthening exercise recommended, Yoga continued with minor stretches. Cut caution used for sitting. If anyone would like to try physio this would be clinic to go!

May 2011

Tried Anti inflammatory (celebrex 250 mg )again for 2 weeks, no improvement. Approached physiologist, who wanted to perform manipulation, did not do it. Seems less convincing due to Doctor's experience on this so far. Consulted local GP, recommended to take oral steroids, not yet considered. Physio wants to cross check with Radiologist to find local inflammation.

Acupuncture just started, did not help much. One rheumatologist appointment scheduled in June where Local injection may be considered

Not to mention that every time, I visited doctor/s they seems to check and that causes lot of pain. I am sure they are trying to help but really that was hurting a lot.

In Oct 2012,

After going through so many doctors, I decided to visit Sayer clinic in London (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) especially after so many stories of Dr Michael Durtnall & Dr Robert Griffiths's help to others. In initial appointment Doctor was so engaging and listen to all my history, They have unique xray machine as well, where they xray pelvis area while sitting. And it was the first time, someone said to me what's happening!!

It was second joint in coccyx bone which fused and was no longer flexible enough and was causing lots of discomfort while sitting. He also noticed that I had lot of spasm around coccyx which was creating lot of tention and not letting coccyx inflammation heal.

Next 3 weeks was amazing with Doctors, Obviously we had lot of expectation and hope but we (my husband as well) knew that this is long journey to recovery. We witness about 70% improvement in next 3 weeks. We also had many appointments with Dr Robert as well in Sayer clinic, he was Brilliant too.

They had unique treatment plan for me, with Manipulation, Acupuncture and Massage. It worked really well, which also allowed us to see UK alongside treatment.

Ines, Maggi and Clara were really helpful, we developed bond with them and had good time, we really had personal health service which we did not experience so far in other clinics.

Thanks to Sayer clinic, my injury is back to tolerable levels with ups and down (not to mention that I still have some horrible days), and now we are thinking to visit Europe this year, I am really looking forward to travel with my husband and see beauty of Europe. If there will be opportunity, we will visit Sayer clinic again.

I would recommend anyone who is suffering from horrible injury like me. Sayer clinic is very professional, affordable with brilliant yet warm people who do care about injured patient like me.

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