Pain in the lower back and coccyx

Vasky -

Posted 2012-10-14

1. I am 'Vasky' Marine Telecomm Engr. and I did not have any history of fall or accidental injury, now suffering from lower back pain for the last 4 weeks.

2. As OPD treatment, 3 weeks have passed before the Ortho recommended a digital X.ray.

3. X.ray completed and diagnosed by Online Radiologist " Loss of Lumbar Lardosis, with L5 S1 degenerative disc."

4. Went back to my Ortho, who was upset that I took x.ray on my own, so he recommended " MRI" for the same symptoms with medical advice for " MRI for Lumbar Sacral Spine region."

5. On a leisurely walk in my neighbourhood, I consulted *1st Physio* Mr.Suresh, in Ashok Nagar , Chennai, who has been in practice in my area for a little more than 2 years, He invigilated my X.ray and the report and immediately started on my Manipulative Physio therapy, by working on the coccyx region, by applying pressure with his thumb and palm. The session lasts 30 mins. Approx. at a fee less than 10 USD for a single visit.

6. After 4 x continuous sessions, I find great relief during the day, without any pain I am able to do all my work, FYI - I am a regular walker, but no jogging now due to curfew imposed on me by this Physio.

7. If I sit or drive for more than a few hours, then I start developing pain in the coccyx region. I am assuming I should continue the Physiotherapy for some more weeks and see for myself, if I go to next stage. But ONLINE info helps a lot to ascertain what is our actual pain, clears the ambiguity which most of the big hospitals do not have time or scope of interest.

8. Today, i.e. Oct.13th I may go and procure a Coccyx cushion, one for my home use and another for driving seat.

9. I have NO plans to go MRI as of now, until the manual physio therapy gets to some stage of recovery and his suggestions to me.

10. Meantime, I even visited a Ayurveda Clinic, of course even though I strongly believe in it, the anticipated budget of 1000 USD for this 3 weeks therapy, is not within my means.

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