Oral corticosteriod seemed to stop the pain


Posted 2012-09-09

I fell right smack down on my butt in the summer of 2007, 5 years ago. A chair collapsed underneath me and I landed on part of the framing. My tailbone area hurt and the pain got worse and then just didn't go away. After years of mri's, xrays, chiropractic, external and internal therapy and coccyx manipulation, a cross state 3 day trip to have my pudendal nerve blocked in California, the discovery of a Tarlov cyst on my sacrum (which the doctor was more than willing to remove) and multiple doctors telling me that nothing was structurally wrong with my tailbone, I almost gave up. I decided to try CT guided steroid injections around and in to the last tailbone joint. The first injection seemed to do the trick after about 3 or 4 weeks, however the disappearance of the pain was short lived and slowly the pain returned over a 4 month period. I had 2 more injections done at 6 month intervals. The last injection did not seem to take my pain down as well as the first 2 did.

About 2 months ago, my seasonal asthma flared up and my bronchial was compromised. This is an annual problem for me. My new Doctor suggested that I go on an oral 6 day tapered regimen of Methyleprednisolone, which is similar to Predisone (systemic corticosteroids). On the 5th day my bronchial issues were finally clearing and amazingly, I noticed that I had no tailbone paid AT ALL. At first I didn't put it together, but the 6th and 7th day when I had no tailbone pain, I realized that it had to be the pills. I mentioned it to my Doctor when I had a follow up a week later and she said that it did not surprise her. This was about 5 weeks ago. My tailbone pain seems to be lower and on some days almost non - existent. We discussed the possibility of taking this drug again if I wanted to.

Since all xrays and MRI's are saying that my tailbone is not damaged, I have been focusing on soft tissue damage and inflammation and the Methyleprednisolone seemed to help. For the first time in 5 years I am not thinking about tailbone removal surgery. I am going to explore this drug and am hoping that eventually I will have no tailbone pain. If you are being told that you have no structural issues with your tailbone, ask your Doctor about at least trying a systemic corticosteroid to see if it helps. This might be the final step for me prior to the surgery. I accidentally (or perhaps something else was at play here) stumbled on something that may be the answer for me. If anything, if this does end up working, I will have avoided a surgery with a lengthy and painful recovery. If it doesn't work then I have tried almost everything. Good luck to everyone. I feel your pain and know this horrible journey and hopefully my experience may help someone else.

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