Tailbone removed, but pain came back

Matthew Herb - punkouter@hotmail.com

Posted 2012-09-02

Sometime in 2010 Noticed it was uncomfortable to sit. Got worse and worse.

Early 2011 Saw doctor. Said something about arthritis of the tailbone.

Mid 2011 Went to other doctors. Tried pills, seats, nothing really worked.

End of 2011 Went back to original doctor, had tailbone removed.

Jan June 2012 Operation a success!! Major pain is gone !! SO HAPPY!!

June 2012 NOW Pain has come back the past 1.5 months.. slowly .. more and more .. at this point it is back to the orginal pain level almost. VERY SAD!!

So interesting thing about my story is I had the operation .. it worked for a few months and now the pain is back.. What is going on ?? The menthol creams are helping a little.. I got a kneeling chair.. I thought it helped at first but then found it to hurt in a different way.. when I would get up.... I have bad joints in general.. bad knee I cant bend.. small fiber neuropathy in my feet, bad ankles from basketball...

So I am in pain just about every position except laying on my back or stomach now.

So what should I do next? Injection ? I guess they can't take anymore of my tailbone out :\

I am in the DC area so if anyone knows any doctors or wants to chat email me punkouter@hotmail.com

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