Manipulation in Spain


Posted 2012-01-01

My husband has had back problems for a number of years, usually he has disc prolapes at l4 l5 but recently he had suffered a lot more problems and also groin burning and tingling. After seeing numerous medical people in England everyone was uncertain of the problem.

Several years ago we had been helped by a chiropractor in southern Spain and decided to travel there as a last resort. Wolfgang (see Doctors and specialists in Spain) is a very experienced chiropractor and has a small clinic in a remote inland town called Velez Malaga. He quickly decided after examining my husband that his coccyx had completely immobilised and that his sacrum had rotated he had three weeks of massage, manipulation and exercises including visiting a gym and re-aligned his back. Unfortunately my husband also has nerve problems which he was less able to treat but his actual back pain decreased considerably.

Wolfgang never promises miracles but he loves a challenge, genuinely cares about people and speaks three languages, German Spanish and English, if ever you are in the region East of Malaga (between Malaga and Nerja inland from Torre del Mar) he is certainly worth a visit.

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