Injections didn't help, internal manipulation did

Stephanie -

Posted 2012-05-13

I have suffered with chronic coccyx pain for 5 years. The pain appeared gradually, and there was no trauma associated with it. I suffered through X-rays, cat scans and multiple MRI's, all of which found nothing. No injury, cyst, nothing to explain the pain. The doctor who had done my laminectomy (successful) told me to "buy a donut." I have a pain doctor doing cortisone injections, which help but never completely relieve the pain. He tried all sorts of injections, including the ganglion impar. Movies, car rides, any long sitting experience was miserable. I couldn't do any sitting abdominal exercises. I was resolved that I just had to live with the pain, sit certain ways, avoid certain activities, and nothing was going to help.

A month ago, I went to see my pain doctor for my cortisone shot and because I had hip pain. He referred me to a physical therapist in our area, Jennifer Delorenzo (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Virginia) who specializes in treatment of chronic coccyx pain. I have seen her 3 times, and am already having dramatic results. She does internal manipulation, as well as working on areas around the coccyx. I would recommend anyone in the Northern Virginia area, who has coccyx pain that has not been relieved by traditional methods go to see her.

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