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Posted 2012-06-17

Hello my name is Leona. Around 4 years ago I damaged my coccyx mountain biking, since then I have suffered.

Initially I went to my GP who advised that it was just bruised and that it will get better, this never happened, so I went back and was referred to my local hospital for MRI Scans, X rays etc. It was decided that the next course of action would be to inject hydrocortisone, I received 2 injections the last of these being 31 December 2010.

I returned to my GP in late 2011 and advised that the pain had returned and the fact that I have a desk job was making work hard. I was referred back to my Surgeon.

He had originally spoke to me that there would be no point in more hydrocortisone, we discussed removal of the tip of the coccyx and shaving down the rest. I agreed to this procedure in February 2012 and was advised that I would expect to be operated on, on the 6th June 2012

6th June, D Day

Have to say I was very nervous, the post op recovery was worrying me most as I had complete faith in my surgeon. I was second on the list so was luck to be taken do theatre before 11 am, last thing I remember is being knocked out and the feeling of the general anesthetic taking hold.

Coming round I was obviously very dozy, I only recall being asked to transfer from one bed to another and this was very painful, I basically slid from one bed to another. I think this was between 1300-1330

I dozed on and off only waking to drink water as the oxygen I was still on was making me very dry, they eventually took me off the oxygen at around 1430... after I managed to force down a slice of toast.

I got dressed but was very uneasy and shaking, eventually after my dad coming to pick me up it was decided that I should be admitted and spend the night in hospital. I got home the next morning.

12th June

Since then I have been taking small walks, I still am unable to sit properly, lying on my side, although I can not do this for to long as I get cramp in my legs, have to say the bruising is the worst, going to the toilet also proves difficult.

I am back at my surgeon on Thursday and hope to have made progress, due back to work next week, whether or not I get signed off for any longer remains to be seen.


Update, 2012-08-26

Well, I returned to work on 2 July on a phased return, and a, now back to full time. I am feeling much better, I still have to remember to get up for a walk if I sit for too long and can get a bit stiff, but it is much improved, and do not regret the operation at all.

I Even managed to go canoeing with my guides on 11th July, - Delighted.

Hope to make continual progress. and highly recommend my surgeon.

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