Dislocation of bottom segmant of coccyx

Gino - r_balboa1981@hotmail.com

Posted 2012-06-03

I'm a 31 year old male from Melbourne Australia. I've been suffering from coccyx pain since Feb 2011. From X-rays taken in March 2011 it was determined that the last bone or segment of my coccyx is dislocated inwards. The cause is unknown exactly. It hurts to sit for any period of time, especially long periods of time. I can walk and stand ok but excessive running and bowel movements tend to aggravate it.

This year I had a 'coccyx triple injection' performed by a musculoskeletal specialist which only made it worse for a couple weeks.

I then had another injection performed by an orthopaedic specialist (Mr Lu Ton, see Doctors and specialists in Australia) where he put a finger in my bum to wash the cortisone around and to see how loose the bone was (not to try and bend the bone back in place or anything). That also didn't help at all and given that I didn't feel any relief from the procedure he claims that the surgery to remove the coccyx would not work for me. He also refused to give me surgery and sent me away.

I then saw a second orthopaedic specialist (Mr Michael Johnson, in Melbourne, Australia). So far he has advised me that the injections don't work and to go straight to surgery to remove the coccyx. But in saying that, he was not too optimistic and gave me a 70% chance of removing the pain.

I'm currently emailing a physician in America about her treatment that she performs, external & internal mobilization of the coccyx.

I'm very confused and not sure what to do from here. Also scared that I might be stuck like this for the rest of my life.

Anyone is welcome to email me to discuss anything about their problem or if they have any information to help me with my problem.


Update, 2012-08-26

Just thought I'd post an update on here as I'm going through some dramas.

Since my last update I have received my MRI results and have taken a photo of it, I've also attached the photo so that it can be displayed on here.

It shows that a much longer bone that I thought is actually dislocated inwards/upwards. I reckon its the bottom 2 segments of the coccyx. But it looks almost half the length of the entire coccyx.

I have recently seen a chiropractor to give some internal manipulation. If anyone out there has the same type of coccyx injury I would advise AGAINST this treatment as it has only made me worse. I've had 3 treatments, the last one being last Tuesday and its getting worse as the days go by. Now I cant even go to work. The pain is that bad, especially after going to the toilet in the mornings. It aches and burns more, It has made my bottom and legs spasm or shake at times.

I have demanded I see my second surgeon asap Mr Michael Johnson in Melbourne Australia, booked in tomorrow to discuss surgery as I cannot go on like this. I'm just going to have to bight the bullet and go for it even knowing how scary the surgery is???

Please anyone out there email to let me know that the surgery will help me and that it wont kill me? I'm so frightened that I wont be able to go to the toilet properly and other sorts of side effects....


mri scan

Update, 2012-11-04

I thought I'd update from last post. I saw my second surgeon the next day. Didn't go well at all. I told him how bad I was going and he didn't seem to care and kept on stressing that there's 30% chance that surgery wont help me at all, to try and talk me out of it. Sent me to a pain management specialist. I was upset after that because I was left in pain with no solution still.

Only a couple days after that day a huge external hemorrhoid popped out which I had removed asap the next couple days after that, on the Monday. Then on the Friday I went in again to remove another smaller one that was popping out! After that I was so sore. Took me 2 weeks to recover enough to get back to work. I had 5 weeks off work in total but since then I've been back at for almost 2 months now and I've been strong enough to not take anymore days off.

Now, I'm pretty sure the Chiro's finger in my bum caused the hemorrhoids and the additional coccyx pain which I still haven't fully recovered from.

I also saw a third orthopedic surgeon for a third opinion, Mr Peter Wilde, in Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Showed him all my x-rays and MRI. He also advised against surgery and said to leave it and put up with the pain basically!! In saying that he was probably the best ortho out the 3. He said he's performed approx 100 coccygectomies, verses Micheal Johnson only about 20 and Lou Ton about 50. He was also a little better at explaining things. I will probably see him if I were ever to get surgery one day.

I had planned to see a pain management guy and a physio but I decided to cancel as I just cant take anymore time off work to attend these appointments. Also feeling like everything is a waste of time.

I've discussed with my colorectal surgeon to have a colonoscopy to see if there's anything that can be found in my bum that we can treat??

A part from that, I'm still in a lot of pain most days. I might have an ok day which I cherish. Still hurts all day when I sit at work, even on my coccyx cushion and in my car the donut cushion. Still hurts a lot after bowel movements. Not sure where to go from here. If 3 ortho specialists recommend against surgery then I guess surgery isn't an option then. Maybe the surgeons are just trying to get out of having to perform the surgery because they don't like doing them or they're risky?

Guess see how we go when I get the colonoscopy. I might update again then.

Again please email if you want to chat.

Thanks to Jon for this site. Love your work mate!


Update, 2013-05-19

1. Had colonoscopy, found nothing.

2. Had sit down x-ray - was a waste of time, they only imaged the top two segments.

3. Have been put on anti-depressants which helped me put on weight. Went from 57 kg to 63 kg since my last update. As a result I'm a little better, maybe 10% better.

4. Saw my Orthopaedic guy last week, Mr Peter Wilde only for a catch up, had a few questions. He went on to talk me out surgery, even though I tried to tell him I wasn't there to book surgery. He spoke very negatively about the surgery, saying that too many people come back with no benefit from it etc etc. Anyway, I got my questions answered which were: 1, Can he do partial coccygectomy- He's answer was no, only full. Does he offer injections- He's answer was No. Do I have an unusually long coccyx, He's answer was Yes. Does that increase the chance of a good result from coccygectomy- He answer was, kind of a Yes? He then prescribed me a drug called Lyrica to help manage pain. Tried it for 4 nights. It only made me feel drowsy and crappy, nothing for the pain so I stopped yesterday.

5. I'm in the process of getting my Skype ready to speak to Dr. Rajveer Singh in India, see if he can help with some advice and exercises etc. See how we go.

6. Still getting intense rectum pain after bowel movement, I'm pretty sure this is due to a fissure or hemeroid about an inch deep on the left side of the canal. Will get my Colorectal guy Mr Malcolm Wiley to do a procedure where he'll go in with a camera to have a thorough look whilst being anaesthetised. See if he can see the source of pain.

Will update again in a few months.

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