Reconstructive surgery that seems to have worked!!

Dee -

Posted 2012-07-01


I broke and dislocated my coccyx in Aug 2005. After suffering considerable pain, a surgeon removed my coccyx about a year later. The problem was that I developed a staphylococcus infection from a dirty instrument and had a debridement surgical procedure which removed bone from my sacrum bone and left a half doughnut or half moon shape in it. (The procedure was done at Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, CA was by Dr Sanjay Ghosh) I've suffered chronic pain with episodes of increased and decreased pain ever since.

After 6 years, I had a consultation with renown reconstructive/cosmetic surgeon Dr Krant in La Jolla, CA. After consultations with numerous reconstructive surgeons, he referred me to Dr Michael Halls in San Diego, CA. Dr Halls then performed a flap procedure that is normally only done for ulcerated sacrum areas in paraplegic patients. This procedure moved muscle, tendons and cartilage from my hips into the half moon area of my sacrum bone. He also cauterized the regenerative nerve growth that was occurring just under my skin.

This was done on May 2, 2012 and (a miracle!), the chronic pain that I experienced for years has disappeared! I do feel a very different post op discomfort that he explained I would feel and that pain has been decreasing gradually since the surgery. He also explained that I would experience episodes of post op discomfort with decreasing frequency, pain levels and duration. This has proved to be so.

Two things- I want to share this with anyone I can. And I also would like to know if anyone has had this same type of procedure done and ask that they share any info on their post op recovery with me (and everyone else).

Kind Regards and Good Luck to Everyone!!


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