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Katie -

Posted 2012-06-24

I am a 26 year old female living in New York, United States of America. I have been having back pain issues on and off for quite some time. The pain was so bad this past February that I was admitted to the hospital for pain management as I as not able to walk.

In 2005 when I was 19 years of age and moving into my college dormitory I decided that it would be smart to move a large trunk full of sweaters. These were heavy winter type sweaters that I stored under my dorm room bed until I had to bring them out for the end of the fall semester. I moved this trunk under my bed and felt this surge of pain thorough out my entire lower back. It felt like someone had taken the tendons in my lower lumbar and stretched them and brought them back to place. The pain was fine the rest of the day, I did not feel any back pain at all. After, I did all my unpacking my roommates and I decided to go and get some dinner. I figured I would be hurting later so I took two aleve before I went to bed. I woke up the next morning in agony, it was this tight back pain so severe that I did not think I was able to go to my first day of classes. Well I took some aleve and just struggled through it, the pain was so bad at one point I couldn't tie my shoes. I had to wear sandals for weeks. The pain subsided about one month later and I put the episode to that I pulled my back out and I had to be careful.

Fast forward to Summer 2007, I graduated and was ready to look for a job. One day I was walking in NYC with a friend and we walked all over the city, all of a sudden I fell. It felt like my spine I had collapsed my entire back had locked up one. I literally had to crawl to a nearby bench, my friend wanted to call an Ambulance and I told her no, since I was in the process of looking for a job. My parents were away on holiday so I was home alone, the pain was so severe that I couldn't walk. I had to literally crawl throughout the house until the pain subsided.

Over the years I had bouts of it here and there but lets fast forward to February 2012

February 26, 2012

It all started out as a normal work day. I work in health care and sometimes have to life and aide people. I am in the best health of my life. Recently lost 85 lbs and continuing losing weight. All of a sudden I was walking and helping out some of my residents and the spasms started. The back spasms were so intense I did not know what to, I called my Mom and asked her to take me to the Emergency Room to have it looked at. She said she was coming and for me sit out in front of the building and she would come and get me. Since it was Winter and it was cold out I sat down and waited and each spasm took over me it was the worst feeling in the entire world. As I got up and walked over to my Mother I fell down into spasm and I fell down to the ground and was in an ambulance to the local hospital.

On the way to the hospital I was in a position toosh in the air, pressure off the lower lumbar region. I was talking and flirting with the EMT's only to find out they were married. The pain was so intense I was immediately rushed to the emergency room. Once inside the ER i was given atavan, 6 mg of morphine right into my tooshie. Nothing worked I got twitchy from the morphine and atavan made me sleepy. I was screaming so bad of pain I had my tooth chip still have to have it fixed. Well after the spasms being so intense they could not even take me to x ray I was admitted.

The next two days were full of medication induced blur. I was given tons of pain pills, flexeril, anti inflmammtories and other types of medications. Finally on Monday February 28, 2012 they deemed I was stable enough to go to MRI, I forgot to mention they did a full set of lower lumbar x-rays the day before. The MRI showed the following

* L4-L5 disc herniation

* L5-S1 disc herniation with anteral tear into spinal column

* SI 2 mild arthritis

* Facet degeneration in lower lumbar

Was discharged the next day and told to go to PT.

Was out of work all of February and into March. Finally returned to work with limited duty, was unable to do much and was put on desk duty for a few weeks. PT helped immensly and I stopped early on because I could not stand it messing up with my schedule all the time. For most of March, APril and May back was fine until about three weeks ago the nagging pain in the right hip began to return. That is prelude to a pain episode. I decided to make an appt with my pain doc.

Today June 18, 2012 I went to my pain doc for a consultation and since his office is at the hospital they were able to give me an SI x-ray injection that day. I was so happy because it feels so nice to have no pain cause of the lidocaine. Its starting to wear off now and I am a little sore. Will update with more to come

This site has been a lifeline for me although my coccyx isn't the major cause of the problem, lower back pain is lower back pain. Plus my coccyx only has three joints, learned that today



Update, 2012-10-21

I had posted in June about dealing with chronic back pain and I injections. And a subsequent hospitalization. Well I was hospitalized in August for emergency surgery on my gallbladder. Post op I had no back pain for two months. My lower back is starting up again. SI pain along with coccyx pain. Taking my medicine and my stretches.

Lets hope!!

Update, 2012-11-18

Hi All

Updating today! I had my second injection in my si joint in over six months. My doctor said that is a long time for relief. He said if I get less than two months from this injection he is going to do radio frequency.

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