Bad fall

Anthea -

Posted 2012-03-18

Hi there, I'm at a bit of a loss. I live in Africa so finding a specialist is tricky.

In packing up to move I stood on a high ledge to disconnect something. When I got down I stepped back and onto a cane that had been placed behind me, I fell onto that and then the floor. My coccyx was very sore. A week, almost, later the acute pain has gone but there is a real feeling of 'fullness' or congestion in my tail end. As if constipated but I am not. Sitting is sore and lying is in certain positions, though less than it was. Standing for long periods gets uncomfortable. Pain not sharp but feels full, as if everything inside is very swollen. Bowels and bladder all working fine, can pull pelvic floor up with less difficulty than a week ago. I'm taking ponstan sporadically. Any other suggestions? I'm walking with relative ease.

Thank you!


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