Coccyx dislocation

Linda -

Posted 2012-04-22

My name is Linda I am 39 years old. In August 2010 I started having really bad lower back pain to the point it was excruciating to sit and impossible to get up again. I went to see my GP who told me I had a kidney infection and gave me a course of antibiotics for 10 days. I finished the course of tablets but the pain was still extremely unbearable. Returning back to my GP surgery I seen a different Doctor who told me to bend over whilst he run he fingers along my spine. He told me that my Coccyx was dislocated and he would give me pain killers and sent me for 11 weeks of physiotherapy which just made me worse.

Eventually I was referred to Hospital where I was given a cortisone injection which was fantastic for relief for all of about 4 weeks. Since then I have had another 2 injections which have helped and now I am being referred to specialist for a complete Spinal block injection, However in the meantime I had a shoulder injury recently and since then I am unable to sit, lie, sleep or even settle. I am just wondering if anyone else has suffered this or if there is even a connection between the shoulder and the tailbone??.


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