The constant "pain in the butt" seems truly gone


Posted 2012-04-01

I'm 55, male, average height and weight. I had a case of painful coccydinia that had lasted over 6 weeks following a very rough, 1 week 4x4 off-road trip. Sitting at the computer to do my job was really tough, even with a special cushion.

I read on about Dr. Nunez, a chiropractor in Glendale, CA (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, California), which is near my home. I went to see Dr. Nunez and started getting intense treatments. He especially worked on loosening up stiff muscles in my legs and buttocks.

Although there was no immediate relief, I could tell that his work would help more than just my immediate injury, as many of my muscles were just much too tight.. And then, after about 3 weeks of treatment, my condition simply disappeared. It happened at the movies: I was scrunching around in the seat trying to get comfortable as possible, given the constant pain, and then about an hour into the flick (The Descendants), it turned off like a light switch!

Its been several months since then, and I have felt an occasional twinge, but the constant "pain in the butt" seems truly gone. I have even resumed riding my bike occasionally... an activity that was out of the question before.

I strongly recommend Dr. Nunez and plan to continue to see him in the future for my general chiropractic needs.


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