Coccyx pain now 80-90% better

Anonymous -

Posted 2012-10-21

I am originally from India, now live in Richmond, VA, USA. My tail bone pain started end of January' 2012. It started with a low back pain. The pain went away with pain killers. But I noticed pain in my tail bone area. It took me a few days to understand it was pain in tailbone area. helped me a lot in getting the information. I went to my physician and orthopedic doctor who advised me to use cutout cushion and use pain killers. But pain wasn't going away. Then I consulted 3 chiropractors over a period of 3 months. The relief was temporary. Then I consulted a physiotherapist. By that time, I noticed pain was getting less, but I had lot of stiffness in that area. It was hard for me to sit at work or travel. That was really affecting my personal and professional life. The physiotherapist knew and has some decent experience in treating coccyx pain. She did ultrasound and suggested exercises. That did not help much. I felt better for a day after ultrasound, but pain and stiffness used to come back. After that I consulted two more physical therapists. They could help a little, but relief was temporary.

I sent my Xray to Dr. Mike Durtnall of Sayer Clinic, UK (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). He was very prompt in responding immediately and suggested what could be wrong. He suggested I could there for a week. But I don't know anyone in UK and it is not easy to travel to UK. I sent my Xray to Dr. Rajveer Singh in Bangaolore, India (see Doctors and specialists in India). He immediately responded and suggested some exercises. But the exercises alone did not help much. Then last month, I decided to go to India and consulted Dr. Rajveer Singh.

Dr.Rajveer Singh is an expert in this area. He made me get an Xray and diagnosed the problem. My tailbone was hurt and it was hypermobile for some time. After the injury healed , it wasn't moving when I sit as the muscles around the area have become stiff. He also had me undergo blood test for Vitamin D and B12 and also Bone Mass Density Test. The results show that I have deficiency of Vitamin D and B12. My calcium levels are low and I am close to Osteoporosis. That might be the reason why I had this problem in the first place. None of the doctors could tell me the root cause and they never asked me to go for blood test. Dr.Rajveer's treatment consisted of ultrasound, exercises, and 2 internal manipulations. He also advised me to take Vitamin D, B12, and calcium supplements. I was there in Bangalore for 5 days and at the end of it, I saw significant improvement in my condition. In the flight travel back, I still had little pain, but it was much less. It is 3 weeks since I had my last appointment with him. I am regular with exercises. My condition improved a lot. I am 80-90% better. I am hoping I will be 100% alright in a few months. I highly recommend Dr. Rajveer Singh.

I also want to thank Dr.Durnall for being so prompt in responding to my questions and Jon Miles for maintaining this web site.

My advice is definitely use the coccyx cushion and don't waste time and money on doctors, chiropractors and therapists that don't know much about this condition. Consult a specialist immediately.


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