Tailbone pain improved about 75%


Posted 2012-01-01

My tailbone pain started when I fell backwards after I was hit by a car on March 30th, 2011. The bruising healed but the pain persisted. I couldn't sit down or drive for periods longer than 30 minutes. I was told that it was normal and that it would take some time for the injury to heal by itself. At first, I tried to ignore the pain, besides I felt ashamed when I had to explain my pain's location to the doctors, the chiropractors, or the therapists.

For months I underwent lower back treatments, massage-adjustments and therapy to decrease the pain however, it was still there. I had several x-rays, and a couple of CT scans. Then, I began experiencing numbness and tingling in my hands. At the beginning I didn't relate those symptoms to my tailbone pain until I mentioned it to my doctor physiotherapist. He recommended an epidural injection which reduced the pain for a few weeks and then came back.

New x-rays found a 4 mm fracture at the right lateral of the C1-C2 synchondrosis of the coccyx. At this point, my doctor gave me two alternatives, a surgery to remove the tip of my tailbone or we could try internal tailbone manipulations. As I did not want surgery, he referred me to Dr. Brian Chan (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Washington).

I visited Dr. Chan and after careful evaluation he confirmed my doctor's assessment. The internal tailbone manipulations were a good alternative to relieve the pain. During the first treatment, I felt a crack and suffered a 5-7 pain. After that I had 2 treatments per week for about 2 more weeks, and then scheduled a couple of follow up visits. Within one month my tailbone pain has improved about 75%. The muscular tension at the end of my tailbone was released and is steadily improving. Dr. Chan has taught me how to stretch and sit properly to reduce the tension on my tailbone area. Nowadays my tailbone only bothers me if I sit improperly for long periods of time.

Only time will tell if my current treatment becomes a definitive solution, meantime I hope my experience can help other people to make an informed decision, I think your website is a great tool for coccydynia patients.

Best wishes,