Surgery scheduled May 2012

Kathy -

Posted 2012-04-15

I have been suffering with tailbone pain for many years, one time a Dr. mentioned removal this was in the 1980s. I had never heard of it, well it is now April 2012 and I am scheduled for surgery May 9th 2012, the Dr performing this is the only one in Duluth, MN who does this. He has done many so I am confident about his credentials. I will get back and let you know how it is going, and I really appreciate this site for information about this.


Update, 2012-06-24

I had surgery May 9th, stayed in the hospital 2 days after, because they were giving me antibiotics by IV.

I do not think I could have went home anyway, the rest was needed. I rode home sitting in the front seat. At home I layed on my side on the couch. The pain medication they gave me was needed. I had a raised toilet seat which I think is a must. I used ice packs when needed, worked good.

I have always been a fast healer so I think that is why I had such a short recovery. I took a plane to CA on June 13th. The flight was good I used a small firm pillow from home. I made sure there was space between the pillow and back for comfort. I bought a special pillow from the medical supply store...$25.00... waste of money. I am doing great now June 18th sitting normal.

Thank You to Dr. Zamzow in Duluth, MN (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Minnesota) for the excellent job and kindness I received. What a great Dr.


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