Successful surgery to remove coccyx


Posted 2012-07-29

I am seven weeks out of surgery to remove my coccyx and it has been very successful. It was injured six and a half years ago during childbirth and it progressively got worse over the years. I took a lot of pain killers, spent a lot of money at the osteopath, sat on a coccyx cushion, got a standing work station at work, tried three cortisone injections and manipulations, saw three surgeons, read a lot of horror stories on the internet, didn't get much sleep, became pretty cranky and finally decided that I had to give the surgery a go.

It was a very hard decision to make but the best advice I had was from a community health nurse. She said that I'd know when to do it because the thought of living with the pain would be worse than the fear of the surgery. It turned out that I had a fractured sacrum and coccyx, which had fused together and were protruding. This didn't show up in the x-rays or MRI and everyone thought it was just dislocated. Hence the manipulations made the pain worse. Like all anaesthetics and surgery, it was not particularly pleasant, but my surgeon, his team and the hospital were great. I had lots of support and help to recover and it has been the right decision for me. My kids can now sit on my lap again and I'm hoping to even get back on a horse one day.

I hope others can have as good an experience as me. I wish I'd had the surgery six years ago!

A very big thank you to my surgeon, David de la Harpe, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (see Doctors and specialists in Australia).

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