Treatment by Dr Nunez, Glendale, CA, after fall down stairs

Melanie -

Posted 2012-02-26


Here's my story. I fell down some stairs. It was the kind of fall where my foot slipped and I bumped down the stairs on my backside. I was uninsured at the time, so I didn't get treatment right away. A year later I could not sit in a chair longer than 20 minutes without severe pain. My movement was severely restricted due to cramping in - well all the muscles around my hips. I couldn't sit through a Church service or carry my school books.

I started seeing Dr Nunez in Glendale (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, California) in April, about a year after the fall. I experienced some relief immediately, but it took several months of regular treatment to get pain-free. I felt better after each treatment. Dr. Nunez worked on relaxing the cramping muscles, and strengthening weakened muscles and connective tissues. I had torn a lot of the muscles that connect to the coccyx, and it had tilted forward.

I know that "several months" (5) sounds like a long time, but I did feel better after each treatment, and am now pain free and feeling better than before the fall.

Not only has Dr. Nunez's treatments eliminated the pain, but they have straightened my posture and strengthened my back. I highly recommend him.



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