Coccyx treatment successful

Anonymous, India

Posted 2012-12-30

I am 32 years old. About 1 year ago, I travelled in train & sat on hard surface bending backward for 10 hours continuously. Afterwards I got little pain while sitting. The pain got worse over time. I consulted Senior orthopedic surgeon near my locality (Ruby Hall clinic, Sancheti Hospital,Kamat Hospital) but no recovery from treatment. Later, I have not been able to sit for more than 10 mins. He suggested me to get x-ray and blood test done. After seeing the reports he told there is no problem with the bone and given tablet pain killers for 20 days. Even after 20 days with these tablets also my pain didn't reduced. He suspected it might be a SWELLING and advised me to get a CT scan done, but nothing was found.

I came to know about in the websearch and I did the majority of my research on this website, coccydynia symptoms almost matched mine problems. After reading the success stories with Dr. Rajveer Singh in Bangalore (see Doctors and specialists in India), I decided to give him a try.

I was very impressed with my first visit as he explained why I am in SO MUCH PAIN, even though my x-rays was "normal" in other doctors eyes. He really sided with me and believed me about my pain. He was genuinely concerned for me.

He suggested me to take 10 days therapy, but I did 8 therapies itself my pain reduced to almost 60%. he did 4 manipulation.

After 2 months I went to doctor again he treated 3 therapies so my pain is reduced to almost 80%.

Now I am doing daily exercise which he suggested so day by day it is reducing my pain.

Dr.Rajveer Singh is young, energetic, very friendly, down to earth and very disciplined to time. He responds to all modes of communication (call, sms, mail). I would recommend Dr. Rajveer Singh to anyone who has coccydynia, the procedure is quick and is not embarrassing or painful.

Thank you, Dr. Rajveer Singh.

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