Fabulous doctor in Sweden

Barbro - buza@telia.com

Posted 2012-03-25

I went to my new doctor yesterday and got my fifth injection in the tendons which attach muscles to coccyx.

I have had ten years of horrible pain, searching around Sweden for at least 25 doctors to get help. The last one was in Gothenburg at the pain center at the biggest hospital there. He injected me 7 times during a year with cortisone in the bone of coccyx and it made it worse. I lay at home crying of pain and nothing could relive my pain. I had to go to hospital and they put me on morphine. So after that I gave up hope.

Then one day I went to my ordinary doctor's surgery and there was a new doctor who earlier worked at SAAB for many years. When he saw me trying to find a way to sit on the chair with smallest amount of pain he said: "I had a secretary who had the same problem as you and I really felt for her, and I started to treat her with injections in the ends of the muscles. I tried to blast ends of her muscles with the injections. The three first were a combination of cortisone and lidocaine and after them I gave only injections with lidocaine and it helped her after years of severe pain. Do you want me to try on you? I really think I can help you".

So in the autumn 2011 he started, and now my pain has relieved to under the half of what I had before. And for the first time for many years I do not fear for the earlier knife stings that could appear at any time during day and night and I can sit in a car for at least one hour before it hearts.

I told him about this website and first he said "Do not tell about me, I have enough to do", but yesterday I asked him again and he said "Well I did not understand how big this website was, but of course I will help other persons with the same problem as you, they can contact me if they want my help".

I have worked as a nurse in different specialties and as a teacher in the nursing school for many years and I can really recommend this doctor, he is so empathic and very skilled in his profession.

[Unfortunately Barbro's doctor does not want to be listed on this site, as he does not have time to answer all the emails that result.]

Yours sincerely


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