Living pain free with manual treatment


Posted 2012-02-12

First thing that came to my mind as I am about to write my story is, how happy and willing I am to write this up. I am a very physically active person and would like to always participate in various sports. So, one day during my afternoon break at work, I hit the trail with my speed skates on and started speeding around 20 mph. As I skated few miles, the next thing that happened was, I am down on the hard concrete with bruises and some pain. There was a cyclist who came silently behind me to the left and so I fell awkwardly, as my extended left skate hit the tire. The moment I fell, I felt blanked out for a split second and then realized that I took the hard fall on my left hip. I knew it was a bad fall but as the pain was not much, I thought everything was fine except few bruises and so I continued skating for the next hour. The next morning when I got up from bed, is when I realized that there is a weird kind of pain near the coccyx. The pain was worse as I sit down and get up from the chair and it was hard sitting all day at the office. I gave it a week for the pain to subside and to my surprise it did not and so I went to a doctor for x-ray to see if it was broken. The doctor noted that my coccyx was not broken and the pain is due to the swelling/bruising near the coccyx area and recommended to take anti-inflammatory pain killers. I was not comfortable with the treatment and so after few weeks, I went to see a local chiropractor for help. I observed that the pain was little comfortable after few adjustments but mostly there as I sit down and get up.

Having been in pain for almost 6 weeks, I started to search for more answers on the internet and looked for any specialists who could treat my pain. Luckily I found to be interesting and read through some user experiences with Dr. Zail Khalsa in Beverly Hills (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, California) and so, decided to give it a try. Immediately, called Dr Khalsa and spoke to him about my pain and saw him on the next weekend on a Saturday. On my first visit, I was very impressed with Dr. Khalsa as he explained the adjustments that I needed and the possibility of finding the cure. He did an internal adjustment on my coccyx and noted that it was not that stiff as he expected for the pain that I have, but kept me positive that it could relieve my pain if any. He also did few other adjustments after examining the spine. I left home feeling positive and hoped for better. Miraculously, most of the pain was gone the next day and it was painless to sit on a chair and stand up.

I saw him again the next week and got treated with some adjustments, etc. Overall, I am living pain free with the treatment I have received from Dr.Zail Khalsa. Since, I live far away from Beverly Hills, I am not able to see him on a regular basis, but I do hope to see him once a while in the future once for general treatment and better health.

Personally, from my experiences that I had, I believed in chiropractic care and I constantly feel that life is peaceful and beautiful when you are pain free. I will be continuing to see my local chiropractor for regular adjustments.



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