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Posted 2012-08-26

In January 2012 I slipped on an icy pavement and landed hard on my coccyx. This led to severe pain in my coccyx which made it very difficult to sit. After a few months of worsening pain I went to see Mr Sandler (who I plan to review soon), who performed a manual manipulation of my tailbone. I went to see Dr Sandler twice and although the coccydynia improved a little, I was still in a lot of pain. After the second visit, Dr Sandler told me there was nothing more he could do.

Disheartened, but determined to find someone who could help, I revisited this wonderful website and found Dr Durtnall's contact details along with many positive reviews (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I am so pleased I decided to go and see Dr Durtnall, for not only did he cure my coccydynia, he discovered the cause of a separate long standing back injury which has stumped numerous consultants and doctors. Dr Durtnall took two standing X-rays and found not only that my coccyx was damaged but that I had two fractures in my L5 S1. It is such a relief to have a diagnosis for the debilitating back condition which has plagued me for the last seven years. It has led me to feel almost grateful for the coccydynia (I never thought I would say that!) since without it, I wouldn't have come across Dr Durtnall, and I am sure I would still have no idea of the cause of my back pain. Getting a diagnosis for my back condition has meant that the NHS are finally taking my back condition seriously. Dr Durtnall provided me with digital copies of the X-rays which I took to my GP. He also wrote a long letter to my GP explaining the Xray and my coccydynia as well as a letter to my university, since the coccydynia and back condition had led to me getting behind with my studies. Nothing was too much trouble for Dr Durtnall, who was keen to help.

Back to the coccydynia.... the xrays revealed that my coccyx was calcified and in an odd position. Dr Durtnall performed a rectal examination and found that my coccyx was very stiff and stuck. Naturally, I was embarrassed about having a rectal examination, but Dr Durtnall was incredibly lovely and professional and really put me at ease, for which I was very grateful. Dr Durtnall explained that my coccyx and the muscles around it had got very stiff and stuck and that it was likely to need a number of internal manipulations in order not only to persuade it into the right position but also to increase flexibility and in turn reduce stiffness and pain. He is very knowledgeable about the coccyx and the spine in general and very good at explaining things simply. I returned to Dr Durtnall's clinic in London on average once a month (I live in Bristol) for nearly a year for coccyx manipulations and for treatment for my back condition. To begin with the pain improved slowly but surely, but after around six months (six appointments) the coccydynia improved substantially after each visit. I am now very happy to report that my coccyx is completely better. I no longer have to cart around the coccyx cushion that has been my constant companion for the last year and sitting does not cause my coccyx pain! HOORAY!

I have got to know Dr Durtnall during this time. He is a very kind and caring person who is determined to improve the lives of those in pain from coccydynia and other conditions. He does so in good humour and with a thoughtfulness and empathy which I greatly appreciated. If you have coccyx or spinal problems of any sort, I couldn't recommend him more, his expertise and treatment are worth every single penny. I also would like to urge anyone who is unsure about rectal coccyx manipulation to give it a go. Its not as embarrassing as you might think, especially when performed by someone as thoughtful as Dr Durtnall, and while it can be painful for some people it is most certainly worth it. Finally, if you have been to see someone who has performed rectal coccyx manipulations, but doesn't understand that the coccyx must be flexible not just in the correct position (like Dr Sandler) then please try Dr Durtnall! It may be one of the best decisions you make! It certainly was for me.

Thank you Dr Durtnall and Thank you Jon for creating this website!


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