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Jo - chelseajoanna7-coccyx@yahoo.com

Posted 2012-02-05

My pain started on October 1st 2011 when I fell from a chair while cleaning windows. I fell onto my coccyx hitting the paving stones on the patio with force. I could not move for about an hour as the pain was so bad that every time I tried, I nearly vomited.

After about ten days of severe pain and nausea I went to see my family doctor who sent me for an x-ray of the pelvis which apparently showed nothing (but then it was taken lying flat on my back) and prescribed Diclofenac (NSAID) and paracetamol. I was not expecting much as they are called GENERAL practitioners for a reason. He told me the pain would last a further two weeks! The Diclofenac did help take the edge off the pain but eight weeks later I was still in a lot of pain and contacted Dr Michael Durtnall, Chiropractor at the Sayer Clinic in Kensington, London (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) to ask if he could help me, as he specialises in this area.

I was not sure if my problem was with the coccyx, as the pain I had initially was not central but seemed to be at the base of each buttock. After he x-rayed me he immediately saw the problem. My coccyx was mal-positioned being very straight rather than curving in and the sacrococcygeal joint was extremely calcified. This showed that I had long term damage which had been there for years but had been aggravated by the fall. On examination he found that my coccyx was extremely inflexible but luckily he was able to move it.

It is probable that the original damage had been caused twenty five years before when I had a very bad Kielland's forceps delivery. After my daughter's birth I was in severe pain for several weeks but eventually I recovered and thought no more about it.

My first treatment involved rectal manipulation of the coccyx. Some people find the idea of this worrying but I just wanted which ever treatment was best. That first week I had immediate pain relief of about 50% but psychological relief of 100%. Hope at last. After two more internal manipulations, several external adjustments and lots of exercising, two months later I have 90% pain relief. Michael has also sorted out my poor posture and diagnosed a short left leg which is corrected with an insert in my shoe. If you see a woman walking down Kensington High Street with a straight back and neck that is me!

I never thought I would go and see a chiropractor as I have worked in the mainstream health service for many years where alternative medicine is discounted but I was so wrong. I am very glad I didn't wait any longer before speaking to the lovely Ines on reception to make an appointment; as if I had, I am convinced I would still be in severe pain. There is hope. It is possible to recover.

Basically Dr Michael Durtnall is a legend in his own lifetime and I would recommend him to anybody with coccygeal, or many other problems.

Good luck to everybody out there across the world in pain today.

Feel free to email me if you want any more details.



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