Dislocated tailbone tilted to the left

Mrinalini - mrinalinivasudevan@yahoo.com

Posted 2012-09-09

Back in May 2011, I fell off a horse and landed smack on my bottom with a lot of force. Immediately after that, I felt some pain, but it didn't affect me much. I got back on and was forced to do another half hour of riding. That night I felt a lot of pain where my coccyx should be. I'd gone to spend the summer vacation at my parents' new residence and since they were new to the place, they took me to the closest hospital they knew of. The physician took an X-ray of my lumbar spine and was glad that there were no problems with the disks but they completely missed out the tailbone!

So we went to an army hospital where the technician took a foggy X-ray of my tailbone (where the bone inwards slightly. He told me that it could take up to a year to heal.

Two months later, I was able to sit for half an hour/ one hour intervals though I used to pain when I got up. Well I pushed it one day and sat for nearly two hours. A week after that, my legs began to go numb and I panicked. I was taken to a neurologist who ordered an MRI scan of my lumbar spine and tailbone, both of which turned out normal results.

I've returned to my usual residence now and I'd been to 7 doctors, none of whom could understand what was causing the problem and been treated with TENS, ultrasound, traction, electric pulses and a gamut of physiotherapy practices, none of which has yielded any positive results.

In June 2012, I visited Dr Santosh Jacob who took one look at the scans I'd been toting around town for a year and laughed. He told me the scans were obsolete and didn't show anything ! he ordered an MRI and a CT scan of my tailbone and we found that my tailbone had come apart at the joint between the first tailbone and the last sacral bone. It was also tilted to the left. Apparently the spinal cord attached to the tailbone gets pulled everytime I sit my legs go numb and my right leg is worse than the left one.

He suggested manipulating the bone into place and was doubtful about the success since it's been in this awkward situation for more than a year. We went for it anyway and I was told that the operation was a success. Well, I had to follow up the operation with exercises for which I had to go to his hospital through badly potholed roads. It's been two months after the operation now and I had another X-ray taken of the bone and it turns out that in the last week, it's managed to slip out and occupy its old awkward tilted position again!

I haven't gone to him yet and I don't know what he's going to suggest. I'm not sure surgery will help me because they only remove the last two bones and it's the first two that are out of place and causing a problem for me. Manipulating it again may not be sensible because it'll cost a lot and it may come out just as fast again. I honestly don't know what to do. I'm 21, I've not been able to go to college for nearly two years, and I've been unable to sit even five minutes to eat my food which I've been eating on bed.

If there's anyone who can help, please do!

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