Damaged coccyx bone during pregnancy

Anonymous - siqbalifc@yahoo.com

Posted 2012-02-19

I am 39 years old and my tailbone pain started during my pregnancy. In the 5th month, I had sciatica pain in left leg. It was on and off but at the same time was having pain in my tailbone. At that time I could not figure out the where is my pain area.

Went for physio therapy and since I was pregnant, they said its normal and will go after birth etc. I was bearing this pain during pregnancy. My baby was born with c section since my cervix could not open more than 8 inches even after medicine. I also had epidural. Actually my labor was 24 hours. My waters broke one week early and my cervix was only 2 inches. During labor, the doctor tried all options but finally they did c section. My daughter was born May 8, 2011.

Now she is 10 months old and I tried everything for my pain. I had MRI and Dr says my tail bone is damaged and can be removed. I do not want to do surgery. he gave me diclofenac (pain killers) and they were helpful. now I don't have intense pain, but if I sit on my back, it comes back. I also heard about manipulation. does any one had manipulation experience?

My other question is since my pain is not worst now, if I get pregnant again, how bad will be my pain. My mother tells me that she had also this pain with my birth but it went after second baby.

Any advice?

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