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Abhay Jhawar - abhayjhawar@gmail.com

Posted 2012-08-26


My name is Abhay Jhawar and I am from Chandigarh India. I met with a car accident December 2011, and suffered a coccyx fracture. For the first month the doctors were not able to diagnose the problem. Thereafter one of the doctor said that the problem was with my coccyx. He advised me to do sitz bath, use a donut cushion and perform manipulation myself. It's very difficult to perform manipulation yourself. Anyways I did it for a month with no results.

Over the next 6 months I met 6 to 7 doctors and none were able to cure the pain. These doctors include

1. Dr Raj Bahadur, HOD, GMCH Sector 32 Chandigarh

2. Dr Santosh Agarwal, Mohali

3. Dr. Mohinder Kaushal, Sector 20, Chandigarh,

4. PGI Hospital, Sector 12, Chandigarh.

A few more but I don't recall their name. But they were of no help anyways.

During that time I started reading about my problem on internet and came across the website coccyx.org. It helped me to understand my problem and showed me the list of recommended doctors in India. Since I met so many doctors before I had to be sure that I go to the best one to get rid of my pain. That's where I read about Dr. Rajveer Singh in Bangalore(see Doctors and specialists in India). He asked me to take a few weeks off and come to Bangalore.

When I reached Bangalore, he performed a dynamic tailbone xray. He took a normal xray of my coccyx. Then he asked me to sit on a hard surface for 5 minutes and put pressure on my coccyx where I should feel the pain. Immediately after that he took another xray in the same position. Then he should me the difference between both. My tailbone was curved normally in first but bent in the second xray. That was the whole problem. You don't need a MRI, city scan or any other report, just a normal xray is sufficient.

Then he started with his physical exercises and ultrasound therapy. For the first few days there was no change in pain, but on the 4-5 day I started feeling the change. By the end of the second week 60 percent of my pain was gone.

I was very happy that I didn't have to go through the surgery. I am still doing those exercises regularly and 80-90 percent of my pain is gone. Thanks to Dr Rajveer Singh and www.coccyx.org .

Above all its a shame that there are such a few doctors who know about this problem correctly. Think of the time and money I spent visiting those doctors. Each time you go to a doctor they recommends you 2-3 tablets and you just take it in hope that this time it works, without knowing the side effects.


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