Coccygectomy, 7 weeks post op

Anonymous -

Posted 2012-04-15

I'm an active 17 year old girl, who damaged my coccyx by falling while playing field hockey two summers ago. Several doctors had told me I had coccyxitis or just a pulled coccygeal ligament. However, when I finally had my coccygectomy done on February 13, my surgeon discovered I had broken two pieces of the side of my coccyx, which were floating around in my muscles and I also snapped the very bottom part of my spine which was penetrating the skin..

My surgery was successful; I woke up in recovery on my back. I was rather weak so the nurses would help me switch hips every so often. The anesthesia made my heart beat increase and made me very sick so they kept me in recovery longer than expected. However, once I made it to my room and went to the bathroom I was able to go home.

I laid in a ball in the backseat of my car on the way home. I was able to walk upstairs to my bedroom...the hard part was getting up into bed. If you have some sort of step stool and are short like me it might benefit you. The raised toilet seat also helped me a tremendous amount too. I took my pain medicine only when I woke up in awful pain. I slept about 12 hours daily for two to three weeks. I was able to start taking little walks down the road just to stretch the muscles out after a couple of days.

I saw my doctor for my followup 2 weeks post op. He was surprised I could even sit a little bit at that point so he cleared me to return to school the following week. Returning to school was very draining, I was still used to sleeping so much and there was no way I could sit through six hours of school, so I ended up taking half days. By that point, I took only half of a pain pill so I had a little relief and I wasn't completely falling asleep during class. I was able to go for a light jog after about a month.

I'm now 7 weeks post op, and I haven't felt much or, if any improvement in about a month. I'm aware the recovery is weeks to months, but I can't help but to fear this pain won't go away after everything I've been through.

If anyone has any advice or would like to ask any questions please feel free to do so.

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