My miracle!!


Posted 2012-01-29

I am a 39 year old mother of two children living in London. After 7 years of chronic pelvic pain since the birth of my first child I have finally had a huge breakthrough with a wonderful, dedicated chiropractor called Dr Michael Durtnall at the Sayer Clinic in Kensington (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London).

In 2004 I had an emergency c section as my two week overdue daughter was found to be face presented. The hospital was busy and my section was delayed. By the time I was being operated on, my poor baby was pulled and tugged and dragged out by forceps. Thankfully she came out without a mark. but unfortunately, my sacrum was fractured and I suffered extensive nerve damage. In the first three months I had terrible lower back pain, I had to feed my baby lying down (not great with a colicky baby!) and could barely walk my back pain was so bad. I was also numb on my left buttock and down my thigh. I also had bowel and bladder incontinence. After being sent backwards and forth to specialists at the hospital, a neurologist finally ordered an MRI scan which found the fracture and nerve damage so I immediately began intensive physiotherapy for 18 months.

I then had my second baby by elective c section to avoid further sacral pressure and I was much better afterwards. Pilates pretty much kept my lower back pain manageable until the last year but I still battled bladder and bowel issues and thought I had irritable bowel and an overactive bladder.

In early 2011, 6 years since the birth of my first child my symptoms suddenly grew worse. We were living in Sydney and I had terrible spasms in my bowel which were excruciating and severe aching that drove down my legs.I also suffered bowel and bladder incontinence and pain after intercourse. The bowel spasm pain was so bad I was admitted twice to hospital and put on a morphine drip and had every test imaginable. In late 2011 I was finally diagnosed with Pudendal Neuralgia and was put on Endep 10mg daily and was still on morphine orally most days which made me feel ghastly. The Endep did seem to help for the first month then seemed to lose its effectiveness. I did find some relief lying on a hot water bottle.

We moved to London in late December 2011 and I was literally crawling round unpacking boxes and wishing I could go to bed and not wake up. It dawned on me I had had no quality of life for nearly a year. I faced the fact I would probably have to make trips to France for treatment and an operation. Whilst investigating this option I came across the Sayer Clinics website and read about Dr Michael Durtnall. I telephoned immediately and managed to get an appointment quite quickly.

I have seen maybe 6 chiropractors in the last 7 years and I can honestly say I was absolutely blown away by Dr Durtnall's professionalism, knowledge and expertise. He left everyone i have seen in the past for dust. I have five sessions with Michael in the last two weeks and I can honestly say that my pain is 75 % better already. I have only resorted to taking painkillers on one occasion in the last 15 days since first seeing him.

For the last two weeks I have finally had my life back. I have had very little pain, my bowel and bladder symptoms have virtually disappeared and I feel alive and energetic again. I am very optimistic Dr Durtnall can help me manage my body. I owe my new found pain free happiness to Michael's incredible dedication and expertise.



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