Coccyx removal in NYC so far very good

Maxine -

Posted 2012-06-10

My name is Maxine and I live in Brooklyn, New York. This forum has been incredibly helpful, and I wanted to be able to recommend a surgeon in Manhattan that conducted my coccyx removal ten days ago. Dr Cho at Mount Sinai hospital.

I first had pain in 2000 and the pain would come and go. Over the last 12 years it began increasing to very intense pain and I felt at times like I was sitting on a hot poker, literally wanting to jump out of the seat after sitting down. It took me a long time to find a surgeon willing to do the removal, most Drs felt it was too risky or it was a very rare surgery. The rarity does seem to be true hence the value of this forum.

I had had many, and I mean probably about 10 internal manipulations over the years and to no affect. After MRIs I was told I had a very long coccyx and it was pointing outwards into my skin.

I finally found Dr Cho at the spine school of Mount Sinai and he was happy to answer many questions and was very helpful, even though the surgery was rarely carried out in his dept (therefore nurses and PT were unsure of their advice).

It is now ten days later, I came off pain meds four days after surgery because the narcotic drugs was causing constipation and I didn't want to stress the scar, the wound was glued. I have a lot of pain, mainly on walking and reclining when I sit up to eat. It feels like muscle pain either side of the wound, it feels quite swollen in the buttock area still. This makes it difficult to eat, so I eat leaning to one side with one arm supporting me. I'm almost pain free when I lie down in the right position. I do walk every day, a few blocks at a time, but then do feel the need to rest.

I am hoping the pain will continue to reduce dramatically, sooner rather than later. I will update again after I see the Dr on Tuesday.

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