Huge improvment in tailbone pain with exercises

Alem -

Posted 2012-12-02

I started to feel pain in coccyx region two years ago, and since then I tried to find a solution for this problem I faced. First I tried with doctors here in Bosnia and Herzegovina but seemed that none of them didn't know what the problem was. Only one doctor was familiar with the problem but the only thing he said to me was try to be more physically active and go to swim as much as you can.

When I saw there is no chance that I will get some help from doctors I tried to find solution through some exercises I found on internet. After some time and many exercises that proved unsuccessful I found a simple exercise that really helps me a lot every single time. Whenever I feel stiffness in coccyx region I spend half an hour doing leg exercises from this video.

After two months of doing exercises on regularly basis I feel much more flexible, and pain and stiffness in coccyx region completely disappeared in normal life activities and I feel much better. The only thing that still worsen coccyx pain is a prolonged sitting, but thanks to this exercises even that is much improved.

Thanks to this exercises I feel like I get my life back.

I really hope this will be helpful.

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