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Posted 2012-01-29

I wanted to share a success story regarding the treatment for coccyx pain. I searched the internet when the condition was at its worst, and I felt there was no hope from some of the stories I read. I want to let people know, there are some success stories, and don't despair. You just need to find an understanding orthopaedic consultant.

I started to experience coccyx pain in February 2010, and felt discomfort when sitting and lying down. I don't know how it happened. I don't remember falling and sitting heavily.The discomfort carried on for a few months, and then began to become painful. In May I visited a physio, on the recommendation of my GP. I was given some exercises to do, and the physio 'prodded' my coccyx which made me feel quite ill and I had to ask her to stop. I had physio on and off, took painkillers, swam, did Pilates - all to no avail. The condition gradually got worse and in the summer of 2011, the physio recommended a course of acupuncture. This had no effect at all, and as the condition was getting worse I was beginning to despair. Sitting made it worse, and as I commute into London every day, and have an office based job, sitting was hard to avoid. Also, as I was sitting awkwardly, the rest of my back, shoulders and neck all ached from being twisted, and the only temporary relief each day was a hot bath! I wouldn't even sit in my lounge during the evening, preferring to stay on my feet, as it was just too painful to sit or lie. I had to sleep on my side every night, which isn't always ideal.

In November, my physio and GP referred me to an orthopaedic consultant in Windsor. He diagnosed coccydynia and prescribed a steroid injection. This is a very simple procedure which I had under a general anaesthetic the week before Christmas, 2011. The steroid did take a good 2 weeks to kick in, and the few days after the injection were painful and I was maxed out on over the counter pain killers. I've seen a gradual improvement, and I can now sit properly in a seat which is a joy, and the rest of my back seems to have returned to normal. I have been to see the consultant today, who has said I should continue to see an improvement, but if in the next 4 - 6 weeks I am not happy, he can repeat the injection. I also found a website over Christmas for Chinese exercises to strengthen the area, which included pelvic floor/anal lock exercises - try these as well, I think they worked for me.

You usually only read stories on the internet from people who continue to have problems, so I wanted to give some positive hope to anyone who is searching, and like me, think they will never be able to sit properly again. I am keeping positive that I will improve, and I am very careful when I sit down anywhere now. Like all parts of our health, we take them for granted until something goes wrong, so I'll be making sure I care for and love my coccyx going forward.

Hope this helps.

Liz from Windsor

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