This pain is not something that I can live with

Brenda -

Posted 2012-05-27

My name is Brenda and here is my story so far. I live in Canada. I have had unbearable pain sitting for over a year. I kept wondering why it hurt so much to sit and was uncomfortable even on the couch. So I sold my chairs and couches thinking they were the source of my "discomfort" because at first it was just uncomfortable. I then bought only leather chairs and couches but the pain continued.

I went to the doctor and told him it hurts somewhere down there, near my back/bum area. I don't know exactly where it is I told him except that it really hurts to sit. He pushed a bit on my lower back and than sent me home saying he didn't know, take ibuprofen. Later that very night, I was in agony. I mean total agony because the doctor was pushing a bit and I mean a bit not even hard, he said "does this hurt, does this hurt"? I could never really get him to press on the right area. So that got me thinking, I had back massage a few months before that and same thing, that night my back was killing me and I thought it was something the masseuse did and actually have not been back since.

Now that was in 2011 this all happened. This is now 2012 and I dropped into our local clinic and again complained how bad it is to sit. He immediately ordered an X-ray and it came back saying there was a possible fracture near the coccyx area. He sent me to a specialist and that doctor ordered a bone scan which came back normal. So after months of waiting for specialist appointments and such the specialist wants me to go get some Physio and see if they can pin point exactly what's going on. He thinks it might be around the coccyx area where the ligaments might be damaged or torn or loose. Not sure exactly but I have my first appointment in a couple of days and will report back.

Whatever this pain is, it is not something that I can live with. After an hour or more of sitting it's too much to take. The doctor said something about injecting a needle in that area which hurts like crazy because on finger must be inserted into the rectum area and the other on the coccyx. BTW, if I have been sitting to long and the pain is really really bad, it hurts to stand up and it hurts even more to have sex. It all depends on how long I've been sitting.

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