A long healing process, but my pain has changed dramatically

Nikolette - nikinono@googlemail.com

Posted 2012-08-26

Hi everyone. I had a terrible fall in November 2009 which damaged my coccyx, lower back and head. Having lived with constant coccyx pain for 2 1/2 years I saw a fantastic specialist surgeon, Jonathan Spillsbury at Birmingham Orthopaedic Hospital (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, West Midlands). Mr. Spillsbury initially injected my coccyx under general anesthetic. This gave fantastic results but only for a couple of weeks.

On second consultation, Mr. Spillsbury advised that an operation, coccyectomy could be performed. I had this operation in Birmingham in March 2012. I can honestly say that it is the best thing that I have done. Despite this being a long healing process, my pain has changed dramatically. This is more acute and getting better every day. I live in London and Mr. Spillsbury is in Birmingham. Aftercare has been a problem but I am now well enough to travel to Birmingham on the train for a follow up appointment in a couple of weeks.

If you have had dreadful coccyx pain, I can really recommend this operation. As I say, it is a long recovery and I seem to stumble more, but as a temporary measure I am still using my crutch. This hopefully will go soon. The other thing about this operation, it appears to have reduced my severe migraines from 1 - 2 per week to 2 - 3 per month!!! A great improvement.

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