Recommendation of Dr. Gotlin in NY


Posted 2012-03-04

My tailbone pain began 4 years ago when I injured it in a freak accident in which I was thrown backwards onto a metal object and instantly fractured the bone. It was enormously painful at the time but my primary care doctor told me it would just have to heal on its own. It did heal slowly over several weeks although I continued to feel a dull ache when driving long distances. Eventually, I forgot about it because it bothered me so rarely.

However, 6 months ago, I had a difficult 3-hour commute in which I had to carry a heavy laptop home the whole way. The following day, I felt tremendous pain in the exact location of my original injury. However, this time it did not heal on its own. I felt the tailbone at all times, sitting was uncomfortable at best and extremely painful at worst. My entire lower back hurt and even walking was very painful, as I could feel the bone's dislocation with every step. I couldn't even think about working out.

Initially, I saw a chiropractor who showed me on x-ray that my coccyx was pushed very far forward, at nearly a 90 degree angle. He suggested that I find a specialist who would perform internal manipulation, as this or surgery were my only options.

I came to this site to research physicians in NY who could perform manipulation. I decided to consult with Dr. Gotlin (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New York), as he is in NYC and takes my insurance. And I'm very glad that I did because after several months and 5 manipulations, my tailbone is almost 100 percent better. I no longer feel it out of position and when I do notice it, the feeling is not a sensation of pain, more that it just occasionally makes itself mildly known. My experience with Dr. Gotlin and his staff has been overwhelmingly positive. The office is beautiful and relaxing which is a rarity in NYC. The staff is always courteous and helpful in terms of scheduling and rescheduling appointments, and I've never had to wait more than ten minutes to be seen.

I know that two patients on this site were put off by what they deemed a coldness of manner from Dr. Gotlin and my response is, Grow up and get over it. if you want someone to hold your hand and listen to your tale of woe, go see a mental health therapist or call your mother. If you want an expert medical professional with years of rehabilitation experience including extensive tailbone expertise, then see Dr. Gotlin. Yes he runs a very busy practice and cannot spend enormous amounts of time with each patient, but what doctor can? He is always very courteous and professional and, more importantly, he knows how to readjust the tailbone and correct what is a very delicate and specialized injury. He ordered precise x-rays and reviewed them with me before we began manipulation sessions. Each session was fairly quick and while not pleasant, was never painful. Now, not only is my tailbone enormously improved from where it was 6 months ago, but my pain while driving is drastically diminished, to the point that I rarely notice it now even on long trips.

If you're suffering from coccyx pain, I strongly recommend consulting with Dr. Gotlin. My tailbone had significant anterior angulation when we began; the fact that I'm no longer in pain is evidence of just how skilled the doctor is with this type of injury.

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