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Andrew, USA - Update - Alignment and scar tissue treatment

Camilla, UK - Update - Coccyx pain in a 12 year old girl

Ugur, Turkey - Update - Injections worked for a year

Kayley, UK - Update - Coccyx internal manipulation with cortisone

Elizabeth, USA - Update - I am ready to have the operation (now had it)

Anonymous, USA - Update - What worked for me ... Curamin and Serrapeptase

Natavan, Azerbaijan - Update - My tail bone is very stiff

Maggie, UK - Update - Degenerative disc protrusion and annular tear of L4/L5 coccyx segments

A Khera, UK - Update - Coccyx pain and treatment by Dr. Durtnall at Sayer Clinic

Sameera, India - Update - 2.5 years of coccyx pain - post surgery update (Do it, worth it!)

Roo, USA - Update - Great outcome in Nov 2017!

MJ, USA - Update - 3 months after partial coccygectomy with Dr Rudolph Schrot

Lelej, Egypt - Please donít take the decision of manipulation under anesthetic easily

Caline, UK - Not sitting on my coccyx EVER

Jennie, UK - Prominent coccyx, fused

Ian, UK - Joint between sacrum and coccyx calcified and rigid

Ronee, USA - Update - Tailbone pain and eventual burning at perineum

Eve, UK - Developed a very nasty infection after coccygectomy, but no regrets now

Saloni, India - Losing weight and sitting on a hard chair caused the suffering

Radhakrishnan, India - Improved 70-80% with manipulation and exercises

Kamal, India - Tailbone issue

Anonymous, UK - Already on the mend

Singh, India - Coccyx angulated posteriorly

Anonymous, USA - Physical Therapy, manipulation and exercise did the trick

Rachel, UK - Update - Recent coccygectomy experience

Dominic, UK - Review for Michael Durtnall, Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinic Kensington

Clarissa, South Africa - Waiting for coccygectomy, needing advice

Afisya, India - Experience with Dr. Mubashira

Anonymous, Canada - Manipulation in Vancouver

Anonymous, UK - Started after a fall down the stairs

Anil, India - Coccyx pain recovery

Denise, Australia - Sitting is painful

Shanthi, India - Tailbone treatment by Dr Rajveer Singh

Sara, UK - The Magic of Michael....

Raquel, Brazil - Surgery four years ago

Jon Miles, UK - Neuropathic pain

Anonymous, India - My coccyx pain story

Anonymous, India - Recovering well

Craig, USA - Testimonial

Kunal, India - Tailbone pain recovery review

Anonymous, UK - Pressure from fibroid caused pain

Chris, Greece - Coccydynia

Helen, UK - Coccyx pain decreased significantly, but still severe difficulty sitting for long periods

Kavita, India - Exercises and coccygeal manipulation working

Catherine, USA - PostOp coccygectomy

Antonella, UK - Dislocated joints of the coccyx

Sanjay, India - Feedback for Dr. Rajveer

KF, USA - My tailbone journey

Sharon, UK - Calcification of the saccrococcygeal joint

Pinar, Turkey - Patient experience related to Dr. Elif Gurkan

Gill, UK - Coccyx cushions for sale

Anil, India - Tailbone treatment by Dr. Rajveer in India

Amanda, UK - My child had her coccyx fractured during an MUA

Georgina, UK - Coccyx pain related to child birth

Keerthi, India - Tailbone pain

Izzy, UK - Coccydynia under 18 years old

Homa, Iran - Update - Coccygectomy, whole tailbone removed?

Upma, India - Thanks for the treatment

Nurten, Turkey - Found relief

Ozlem, Turkey - Hypermobility of the coccyx

Jhansi, India - Coccyx pain for unknown reason

Dr S, Oman - Exercises are helping

Cathy, Canada - Never ending daily tailbone pain

Fazilet Erdogan, Turkey - 2 minute treatment, 80-90% better

Anonymous, Belgium - Now 90% better

Rumana, India - Tailbone Treatment

Rosalyn, UK - I was in a lot of pain and stuck in bed most weekends

Anitha, India - Update - Definitely feel an improvement from exercises

Kate, USA - Bone spur growing off the tip of my coccyx, now had minimally invasive surgery

Fatma, Turkey - Injection 5 years ago cured the pain

Rosie, UK - Expect to reach 100% pain free coccyx health shortly

Beverley, USA - Still have several questions about my surgery

Mine, Turkey - Injection decreased pain almost 90%

Robyn, USA - Coccydynia is underrated and excruciating

Fazilet, Turkey - Coccyx pain - Dr Elif Gurkan

Dee, UK - Sayer Clinic Dr Michael Durtnall - coccyx pain

Zahra, Pakistan - Searching for a therapist in Islamabad

Mike, Australia - Eventually I decided to get the coccyx removed

Tom, UK - Robert Griffiths testimonial

Rosalynd, UK - Coccyx treatment - Sayer Clinic

Shadi, Egypt - Chronic pelvic/coccyx pain

Anonymous, USA - Coccygectomy story

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