Coccyx pain successfully treated by Dr Elif Gurkan

Fazilet -

Posted 2018-01-28

I started having coccyx pain in my eighteenth week of pregnancy and in four weeks it became unbearable to the point of not being able to get in and out of my car or sit on my chair longer than 20 minutes.

I thought I had to suffer through it because I heard earlier that nothing could be done for this in pregnancy.

On my 22nd week, I was really desperate to find a solution and I searched online again for anything I could find on pregnancy and coccyx pain and finally I found one name that would help me; Dr.Elif Gürkan (see Doctors and specialists in Turkey).

It was a true miracle for me. All my pain disappeared in only 3 sessions by manual therapy which lasts couple of minutes in each session. It was real magic. I'M VERY THANKFUL TO Dr.Elif. If I didn't find her, I would have been on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy.

If you have this problem in pregnancy or anytime, you are not helpless, there is a solution, find Dr. Elif Gurkan, she will get you up and running in no time.

Update, 2019-11-10

I have had no pain since my treatment and I am very happy and thankful about it.

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