Waiting for coccygectomy, needing advice

Clarissa, South Africa - clarissaS1801@gmail.com

Posted 2018-11-04

Hi, my name is Clarissa. I am 17 and I live in South Africa. I have had non stop Coccyx pain for about four months and I just assumed I had a fall and that it would get better with time. I dealt with the pain for three months when I told my parents that it hurt way too much. We went to my GP and he gave me a cortisone injection and sent me to get X-rays. The X-rays didn't show much and he said it might just be inflammation. I got anti-inflammatory medication and was sent home. Two weeks later I returned with the same amount of pain.

The biggest problem I had was that I was starting my exams a week later and that I wouldn't be able to sit for longer than half an hour. My GP noticed the urgency and got me an appointment at an Orthopedic Surgeon. I went to see the surgeon and he immediately sent me to get an MRI. I went back with the MRI results and it showed that my Coccyx was bent inward toward my colon. The doctor couldn't explain how it happened... maybe it grew that way or I had a big fall. I thought that maybe it was the motorcycle accident I had almost 6 months ago, but I had felt no pain at all, so I assumed it might not have been the cause.

The surgeon told me my Coccyx was too close to my colon to operate and if he did operate I would have a high risk of getting Sepsis. He told me to get a Coccyx pillow for the exams and he gave me anti-inflammatory drugs for the pain. He also said that I would have to convince him to give me the surgery because it is so risky. My family and I were worried that I would have to live with this pain forever because of the surgery being too dangerous. We went to another Orthopedic Surgeon and he did a physical exam to see if my pain was coming from the Coccyx itself and it was.

This surgeon is very conservative and suggested we try a hydrocortisone injection. I got the injection today and I don't feel much relief. We have scheduled my Coccygectomy for the 28th of November (the day after my last exam) because this is the only time that we have to do it. I am Grade 12 next year and I can't afford to get the operation in my most important year. So I will have to use the December month to recover. I don't really know what to expect and I would appreciate any advice you guys can offer me. I am worried that it won't be a success because the risks are so high and there are so many stories here of unsuccessful surgeries. I will keep you guys updated :)

Kind Regards


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