Patient experience related to Dr. Elif Gurkan

Pinar, Turkey -

Posted 2018-06-24

This is Pinar from Turkey and I am a very old patient of Dr. Elif. The below histories are my sister Esra's and my mom's who also are her patients.

Esra (40): I went to see Dr Elif Gurkan (see Doctors and specialists in Turkey) 8 years ago for my coccyx pain. With the correct diagnosis, she gave me one injection and cured me immediately. I was back at work and I have never had any problems ever since. I highly recommend Dr Elif Gurkan to patients with similar problems. Now I live in New York city not in Istanbul, but I also adviced my mum to see Dr.Gurkan after she fell on the coccyx, my sister, me and my mother , we all injured our tailbones, we are all patients of Dr. Gurkan.

Aynur (72): 2 years ago, a chair I sat on broke and I fell very hard on the floor. I am overweight and once my pain due to the fall had passed I thought the pain in my coccyx would pass too. I suffered these pains for 2 years even though I was using a special seat cushion, until my daughter took me to see Dr Elif Gurkan. I had an MR and we found that my coccyx was broken and dislocated in several places. Dr Elif gave me an injection and all my pain disappeared. I also don't use the seat cushion anymore.

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