Coccygectomy, whole tailbone removed?

Homa, Iran -

Posted 2018-01-07

This is Homa from Iran. I'm a 31 year old female and I had coccygectomy op 7 months ago. I have intense pain at the first of my bottom line, not at the seat area. (As you see in the picture by the red dot.)

Also see my x-ray before and after operation and MRI after op. Would you please advise?

I don't know if my surgeon has removed the whole coccyx or left part of it. Can you please check?

Thanks a lot. I'm waiting for your help and response.

red spot where it hurts   x-ray before op

x-ray after op   mri after op

Update, 2018-05-06

It is about 12 months after operation and I am still in pain. I can't sleep. I can't sit. Does anyone have similar situation and could help me please?

My email is:

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