Still have several questions about my surgery

Beverly, USA -

Posted 2018-02-04

I had my coccyxgectomy surgery done 10 days ago on 1/23/18 at Lahey Medical Center in Burlington, MA, US. The procedure was done by a well known colorectal surgeon. In 2012 I was having several GI and GYN issues and sought help from some specialists. An abdominal pelvic CT showed a small growth in the space somewhere near my colon. They claimed it was of unknown origin and they would monitor it. My medical issues were brushed off and I had to revamp my diet and turned to more natural methods.

Well, beginning of 2017 and some GYN issues presented yet again. I had a baby in May of 2016, my 3rd and most difficult. Everyone just blamed it on the fact that I was 41 years old. I have been suffering from a prolapsed bladder and weak pelvic floor. The NP suggested an ultrasound. I went through it and never heard back, thinking it was normal. She called me almost 2 months later to let me know about a growth in front of my rectum. A growth that was 9 cm in size. Like a baseball. I was referred to a general surgeon who requested a CT scan. He let me know that it was an a very difficult place and that he would need to refer me to another surgeon who specialized in colorectal procedures.

That's when I was referred to Dr. Thomas Read (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Massachusetts). He had an MRI done and the results were incredible! It was huge! It had pushed my organs forward and up. The most disturbing part was my broken tailbone that never healed correctly. Except I don't remember a fall or anything. When I was growing up, I had overheard family talking about a care taker I had as a toddler that used to get kicks out of beating me senseless and apparently kicking me. The injury of my tailbone was, as the radiologist stated, evident of a hard kick. I can't imagine my suffering at such a young age. It was devastating.

Surgery was scheduled and they explained the worst case scenario to me. They would start by removing my coccyx since it was useless anyway, and removed the mass. Dr. Read said that it could be attached to my rectum and they would have to flip me over and goo in through the front. I would possibly need a colostomy bag and recovery would be tough. I got sick 2 days before the surgery, with fever, chills, and sore throat. Luckily, it was not rescheduled and the surgery was a success. I went in at 7:30 am and I was done and in recovery 4 hours later. No colostomy bag. It turned out to be a desmoid cyst, pretty much a giant zit and they just scooped it out. It was not attached to anything. Thank goodness.

The only thing bothering me was my throat which was dismissed as irritation from the intubation tube. I was able to get up and walk the next morning and left the hospital that night. I had strep throat and couldn't eat or drink. Was put on antibiotics. The incision has been great, no issues, healing wonderfully, hardly any pain.

What is killing me is my sacrum or where my tailbone used to be. Its been 10 days and I am still having alot of pain. I thought I could go without pain meds because they made me nauseous but I need them. I went out a few times, I've tried to walk around and do a few things but it starts to hurt. I haven't gotten any answers from the surgical team regarding issues I may have with my sacrum or spine. I need an orthopedic consult to get answers.

How long will this hurt? I can't sit, it's excruciating! I only have relief if I stand or walk for a little. Back on pain meds. Anyone else have answers? How long will it take to heal? Will I have any problems now that my tailbone is gone? Wish I knew. I am a busy mom, I maintain everything in the home and would like to have an idea of when things will and if they can get back to normal.

Note from Jon Miles:

I emailed more than a year after this story was posted, to ask for an update, as the long-term outcome of treatment is of great interest. In this case I did not get a reply.

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