Coccydynia under 18 years old

Izzy, UK -

Posted 2018-05-13

My name is Izzy and I've had coccydynia for 14 months following a fall on the stairs at my old job. 3 weeks ago I had a steroid injection and manipulation under anesthesia as every other non-invasive treatment was having no effect. The procedure was done by an orthopaedic surgeon in my local hospital. I've always received the vibe from him that he either: 1. doesn't believe my pain and is dismissing it; or 2. doesn't understand coccydynia enough to be able to treat it.

3 weeks post injection and I am still in a lot of pain - more than before. My hips and pelvic floor go into the worst cramps, sitting and lying is agony and exercising is a no go. Next year I will be sitting my a level exams but currently I'm looking at having to retake a year due to my pain causing me to fall behind in my work.

I'm also seeing a pediatric neurologist next week as since having my injury I have extremely abnormal hot feet, leg weakness, a numb left foot when I sit for too long and allodynia type symptoms in the left hand side of my back.

I've wanted to see Mr Hardy in Bristol but he won't treat people under 18. I don't know what other coccyx specialists are close enough who would treat me. I'm desperate, in pain and losing hope. I just want someone to understand my pain and help me get better so I can get the grades I deserve and start enjoying life again. Where do I go at this point?

Thank you, Izzy :)

Update, 2019-08-18

So I'm now 2.5 years post coccyx fall and it's fair to say I'm doing a lot better. As a result of the accident, I now have chronic pain syndrome in my back, legs and both feet but after spending 3 weeks in pain rehabilitation last year I'm managing it really well.

I spent the last 2 years sitting on coccyx cushions which gave me good relief. However, I haven't had to use my pillow once in the last 6 months - even during all my A-level exams. I managed to sit all 12 A-level exams and I'm now taking a gap year to save money so that I can start my training to become a commercial airline pilot.

In terms of coccyx treatment, my steroid injection didn't help. The cushions gave me great relief, but I've gradually been able to wean myself off using it. I still get the odd cramps and dull ache - but nothing like before. If I need to, I take paracetamol and that seems to ease the pain. I've found the best treatment to be exercise, stretching, mindfulness and generally managing my life alongside my pain. Chronic pain will always be with me, but it's my decisions and life choices which will determine how much it will affect me.

The hardest part about my coccyx injury was not being able to ride my bike. However I bought a saddle which will take the pressure off my coccyx and I'm now doing the London to Paris bike ride in 2 weeks time. I've also been able to return to the gym, running and netball - despite the fact I'm in pain.

The thing I must tell myself everyday is that although I have pain, it's not causing my body any damage. So although it may be agony to ride a bike, I'm not doing any physical damage to my body. You have to control this condition, don't let it control you!

Don't lose hope, I have every faith you will one day live a life with less impactful pain.

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