My tail bone is very stiff

Natavan, Azerbaijan -

Posted 2018-03-04

Hi, my name is Natavan and I am from Azerbaijan. I developed a coccyx pain nearly two years ago. After searching and visiting many specialist, I found Dr M. Durtnall through internet by reading all the reviews (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I decided to visit him. He listened me carefully, took several X-rays and examined me. He said my right leg is 5 cm shorter, also my tail bone is very stiff not bending therefore I have this pain. Also my pelvis is twisted. I also have a sacroiliac joint problem.

Dr Michael started his treatment, from first day I felt some relief, which I suffered severely. I took some session with Dr Michael as well as with Dr Chris Berlingeri and with physiotherapist Martha. After the treatments I felt very well and nearly one year I didn't have any coccyx pain.

Recently, again my coccyx pain came back and I visited Dr Michael and Dr Berlingeri for my pelvic pain. I feel better but need some more sessions. In my opinion Dr Michael and his team are really a treasure for us who suffers from this kind of problems. I wish them a long and healthy life that can help us when we need them.

Update, 2019-04-14

Nearly one year ago I had treatment for my coccyx pain with Michael Durtnall. During this time I had only slight discomfort with my coccyx, but not that bad to push me to see Michael again. I thank Michael for his knowledge and treatment he is really a Godsend man to help people to ease our pain. He worked on my spine, did manipulation on my back, pelvic area, gave me advice for my posture and worked on coccyx to correct it.

I also thank Chris Berlingeri he also worked several times on my sacroiliac joint, back pain. I am grateful for this clinic that whatever problems occur again these people can help me.

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