Repeating treatment

Natavan, Azerbaijan -

Posted 2018-03-04

Hi, my name is Natavan and I am from Azerbaijan. I developed a coccyx pain nearly two years ago. After searching and visiting many specialist, I found Dr M. Durtnall through internet by reading all the reviews (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I decided to visit him. He listened me carefully, took several X-rays and examined me. He said my right leg is 5 cm shorter, also my tail bone is very stiff not bending therefore I have this pain. Also my pelvic is twisted. I also have a sacroiliac joint problem.

Dr Michael started his treatment, from first day I felt some relief, which I suffered severely. I took some session with Dr Michael as well as with Dr Chris Berlingeri and with physiotherapist Martha. After the treatments I felt very well and nearly one year I didn't have any coccyx pain.

Recently, again my coccyx pain came back and I visited Dr Michael and Dr Berlingeri for my pelvic pain. I feel better but need some more sessions. In my opinion Dr Michael and his team are really a treasure for us who suffers from this kind of problems. I wish them a long and healthy life that can help us when we need them.

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