Injections worked for a year

Ugur, Turkey -

Posted 2018-02-18

I was suffering from this problem almost for 1.5 year. During this period, I first went to an orthopedist. He injected something to heal inflammation. It resulted with no change.

Then with advice of my friend, I went to a pain therapy doctor. He made 2 injections within 2 months. We again observed no change. Then he advised me to take a surgery and remove those part.

Later on, I have found Dr. Elif Gurkan's name by chance (see Doctors and specialists in Turkey). I went her. She decided to make another injection. She explained that there were two disciplines to heal this problem and other two injections were belonging to other discipline. She has a different methodology she said. And finally, after that injection now I overcame this problem. Thanks to her and I strongly recommend everyone suffering from this, to go to her.

Update, 2019-05-12

Unfortunately after a 1 year period, the pains started. This weekend I have an appointment with Dr. Elif Gurkan.

Note from Jon Miles:

I emailed more than a year after the update was posted, to ask for a further update. In this case I did not get a reply.

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