Coccyx internal manipulation

Kayley, UK -

Posted 2018-02-04

Hey, I'm 29 years old and suffered with Coccydynia now for around 4 years. My doctors feels this may be caused due to poor posture, as I have not fallen. Throughout this time I have received Cortisone Injections, some successful, some not.

In my office job I now have a snazzy chair which helps the tiniest amount, but still struggle to get out of it. Basically as with many sufferers Coccyxdynia controls my life, which then triggers my depression and so on.

On Friday, I finally went in for internal manipulation under sedation, a procedure I had been pushing for quite some time. Before treatment I had read through this site for hours on end and was quite looking forward to an instant improvement. Yet here I am 3 days on and still feeling rather sore and I guess you could describe it as bruised.

Has anyone else had this outcome? If yes, did this improve over the healing process? I may also add that my surgeon also have me my cortisone injection at the same time, but that I am used and aware of the after pain.

Although it may not have helped that my other half has not once but twice knees me in the backside in his sleep (there was lots of tears, followed by lots of apologies).

Any help greatly appreciated.


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