Eventually I decided to get the coccyx removed

Mike, Australia

Posted 2018-01-14

I've always had a larger than normal coccyx, but it never really gave me any troubles. However, a couple of years ago I got a new job and started commuting to work by train for 45 minutes every day. I think the constant vibrating of the train started to cause inflammation, as it soon became quite sore. I tried standing up on the train, but once the pain had come it never really went away again. I ended up getting a steroid injection into the area, which helped for about 4-5 months, but then the pain slowly returned. A few months later I had another injection, but once again the pain relief was only temporary.

Eventually I decided to get it removed, as I couldn't bear the thought of living with the pain the rest of my life. I visited Dr Richard Parkinson at St Vincent's Private Clinic in Sydney, and we scheduled an appointment for the operation (see Doctors and specialists in Australia, New South Wales). The day came around very quickly, and I was a bit nervous, but I knew for the long run it'd be best. The operation went extremely smoothly, and Dr Parkinson made me feel very relaxed and comfortable with what would be happening. I woke up after the operation and the staff at the hospital took great care of me, and Dr Parkinson even came to check on me the next day.

I took 2 weeks off work to recover. My first week I was in moderate pain, which I controlled with heavy doses of painkillers. By the second week I was starting to feel a lot better, and had more energy to leave the house for a bit here and there. Upon returning to work I was feeling ok. Sitting was ok, but getting up from sitting was what hurt, and I had to take things slow when doing that.

Now it's been just over 2 months since my operation, and I'm feeling around 95% healed. The pain is mostly gone, and I can do things I haven't been able to do in years. I'm sure the pain will continue to subside, as it's been doing every day. I'm so happy I did the operation, and have no regrets whatsoever.

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