Coccyx pain in a 12 year old girl

Camilla, UK -

Posted 2018-03-11

My daughter was twelve at the time we first went to see Michael for her coccyx problems in 2016. She had intermittently complained about her coccyx being painful but I tend to ignore things until they seem persistent! After 'exam week' at school, where she spent a lot of time sitting down on a hard chair, she was in agony. She had to take pain killers constantly and we bought a special cushion for her to sit on at school and in the car. At home she had to lie on her stomach to watch television. In bed she had to lie on her side or stomach. Pain can be very debilitating and draining even for a young girl so her school work suffered because of it. It got to the point where she was in pain all the time and compensated by sitting to one side. This also meant that her back and neck became stiff and sore too. She is a keen, competitive horse-rider and had to stop for a few weeks. The GP sent us to an orthopaedic surgeon who sent her for an MRI scan which showed absolutely nothing. He said that surgery was the last resort but didn't really give us any guidance as to what to do and who to see. I started doing my own research and found reviews of patients treated by Michael Durtnall on (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). We live outside of London but I knew I wanted to see the 'best' rather than wasting time with ineffective treatment.

She first saw Michael in May 2016 when he took x-rays and immediately saw where the problem was. He believed that with regular treatment it would get better. We started with 5 appointments every two weeks followed by monthly appointments for about 8 months. She had complete relief after the treatments but as the next appointment was looming the pain would gradually reappear. Then from Easter last year we visited Michael one every 3 months. She was almost cured at this point, I'm not sure this was absolutely necessary but my daughter enjoyed seeing Michael so much!

She has now been completely pain-free for at least 6 months and before then she had minimal pain compared to when she started the treatment. The treatment is a bit invasive and uncomfortable as you might imagine but I believe she could not have been helped without this method. Michael is very discreet about it and has a brilliant bedside manner! He is witty and charming and my daughter just loved to chat to him whilst the treatment was being done. Pretty amazing given she's a teenage girl! He also worked on her posture whilst standing and sitting which has been brilliant. He is seriously knowledgeable and I couldn't recommend him more highly.

Whilst our insurance company didn't want to cover the costs of treatment they agreed when we pushed for it. The alternative to this is an expensive operation which is naturally riskier in many ways and doesn't always solve the problem.

Update, 2019-05-12

My daughter is now 15 and is still 100% pain-free. She rides her horse daily (in the past a real discomfort) and is not experiencing any problems. She is no longer using her wedge cushion (since 12 months) and it is still fine. I have recommended to her to use it for her exams though as I don't want it to trigger anything and some exams are up to 3 hours long sitting in the same position.

She has not been doing any maintenance or preventative exercises since we finished her treatment and can do everything normally. I feel confident in saying that her treatment with Dr Durtnall has made this possible

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