Exercises and coccygeal manipulation working

Kavita, India - dakhare.kavita@gmail.com

Posted 2018-07-29

I am Kavita. I have been suffering from coccydynia since 2 years. When I found that the pain I am suffering from is coccyx pain and I went to the orthopedic and he gave me some pain killers, ointment and told me to sit in hot water. I did that for a month and it didn't work. My doctor said that the pain is because of stress. He said I am taking too much stress. That was a awful doctor he misguided me. I took steroid injections which he suggested. Nothing worked and pain got worse with time. I went to chiropractor too but it didn't work either.

Finally when I was about to give all of my hopes I found about Dr. Rajveer singh sir and Dr. Sayeda mubashira mam on internet (see Doctors and specialists in India). I called mam and she explained me everything. I went to Bangalore twice for treatment. She taught me few exercises and did coccygeal manipulation. It was a week treatment, after 4 months I feel that I am 60-70% cured. It's a slow process and gonna require lots of patience. Now I do exercises regularly and going to join swimming soon. I am so grateful that I found her otherwise my life was in despair. Now I can sit without pain because of her help.

If you are suffering from coccyx pain then she will definitely help you to understand it and heal it. It's not just treatment but she also motivates you to do well. I will update my story when I will be 100% cured.

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